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Never buying OCC lip tars again. Ever.

So, the leaking problem was a pain in the ass. No matter how careful you were with them, or how tightly you made sure the lid was, they would leak.

And, apparently, after two years the container (granted, their old bottle. They have since changed the packaging, though I have [nor will I have] no experience with how much better these are) breaks. I had these sitting upright in a drawer, untouched. A few days before, I had had them leak pretty badly again, and HOLY FREAKING THANK GOODNESS I put them in their own, individual bags. Because the next time I pulled them out, I found that this happened *points to pictures*.

The area where there spiral where the bottle screws into ripped open at the base of the bottle. Just ripped open— on all four of them! I’ve spoken with a couple of other people who had this same thing happen after 2 years of buying them, and they did get a replacement.

I just called, and the lady on the phone said they had a 1 year warranty and she wouldn’t be able to replace mine. Not sure if it’s worth calling again…

I can not even begin to explain how much cleaning this mess up was, even despite the liptars being in their own bag. I managed to save a little bit of the product by getting them into squeeze bottles, but I’m allergic to pepper mint oil. And it got all over my hands during the process of changing their bottles. 

So much fun, guys. So much fun. /benadryl cream time

I really do wish that I had just moved the product into these bottles, however, before this happened. :\

I’m still tempted to order the primary colors, and just make sure to first put them into these bottles (which would have been easy had the gash in the side not been there)……… except that that this happened makes me angry.

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